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Our Solution

An easy-to-use application for your nutritional evaluation and the calculation of nutri-scores


As a baker, patissier or chocolatier you have many recipes. Our application allows you to easily store your very own creations. Tweax was built by bakers for bakers which means that we perfectly understand your needs in terms of process and recipe template. You will have your recipes in our system in no time.


Once you have created your recipe in Tweax, the application will instantly calculate nutritional values. At this moment we offer a European Nutri-score calculation, UK traffic light system, Chile warnings & the US and Canadian nutritional labelling.


You can easily compare your recipes with each other or with a benchmark recipe that we made available in the application. This will allow you to prioritize the recipes to optimize.


Tweax also gives you a clear view of the impact that each ingredient has on the nutritional score of your recipe. You will see the footprint of your ingredients on kcal, carbs, fat, sugar, … Understanding the importance of the different ingredients will help you optimize things in a smart way.​​

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Last  but not least, our proprietary artificial intelligence technology will provide you with clear recommendations to improve the nutritional values of your recipes.

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